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14/09/2017 13:55
It's been a very busy few weeks, with more to come. The NEMA early keyboard conference went off very well indeed, with some excellent papers. After the C.P.E. Bach fortepiano recital in August, I've been learning two programmes for next weekend: one of new...
12/08/2017 11:57
After CPE Bach on the fortepiano on Sunday week, the next programme will be part of a CNM recital of (mostly) world premieres, for a project involving the application of mathematical technique to the structuring of music. For more details see...
31/07/2017 10:11
The second recital from the Well-Tempered Clavier is done (Book 1), which means that the next one, very early in 2018, will include all the Preludes & Fugues in flats. Before then, I have recitals of C.P.E. Bach (fortepiano), Farnaby (virginals), Howells (clavichord) and contemporary American...
24/07/2017 12:52
The online catalogue of repertoire for two early keyboards has been updated at
19/07/2017 18:49
Next on the agenda for composer anniversary projects now that Telemann is done, it's Francois Couperin's turn in 2018 We're still finalizing the list of players, and it looks as though we'll need at least a dozen players - harpsichord,...
19/07/2017 18:46
Some re-ordering has taken place in the workshop, so I can carry on a with a few overdue projects (the first tool required is a duster!). First off, requilling a Walnut Ridolfi copy, then regulating a Flemish single, after that building a traditional-style case for an electronic chamber organ.
19/07/2017 11:04
Speakers are now confirmed for NEMA's September conference - looks like a very good and varied menu:
19/07/2017 11:01
As Dan's fortepiano has now been moved into his new workshop, I've moved the August Farnaby recital to the autumn and will use that date for a C.P.E. Bach recital on fortepiano instead - it will be the first time I've done a full fortepiano concert. Also in progress at the moment are Book 1 of the...
27/06/2017 10:40
As there have been a couple of premieres this year, I'm adding a Compositions page, which I'll fill up with a list of works soon.
27/06/2017 10:36
Now the 'Bach and the Italian Concerto' programe at Jesus College is done, and the Telemann Festival (website updated with some event pictures at, it's time to move back to the Bach and Fitzwilliam Virginal Book projects. Coming up next this summer: '48' Book...
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