Collecting instruments

06/06/2019 19:03

Most early keyboard players feel they can always do with an extra instrument or two, perhaps in different national style or at a different pitch - at least, when the price is right. The variety of types of instrument that are historically plausible for the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is considerable, and I've been looking out for suitable second-hand things for this project for more than ten years. Curiously, as I approach the end of the project, instruments have been turning up more frequently; first of all, a Flemish and then an Italian virginals, and this year alone, an ottavino and an Italian harpsichord (anyone have a spare chamber organ?). Having the right set of instruments means it makes sense to  stay in the repertoire, so after the FVB it's the complete Byrd next, which will take me through 2020. Maybe complete Bull after that.