Drama, with music

26/05/2019 13:01

The series of literary dramatizations I've been running over the past two years as part of the President's Evenings at Fitz is now finished, and we covered nearly 4,000 years of literature from around the world: 'The Epic of Gilgamesh' (Sumeria, 18th century BC), 'The Golden Ass' (Lucius Apuleius, 2nd century), 'The Saga of Eirik the Red' (Iceland, 13th century), 'The Vision of Piers the Plowman' (William Langland, 14th century), Castiglione and Machiavelli (early 16th century) and 'A Plaine And Easie Introdvction To Practicall Mvsicke' (Thomas Morley, 1597). My thanks to all the actors, directors and musicians involved for making the whole process so enjoyable and rewarding.