The Art of Fugue

31/01/2018 16:22

A busy few months, which has involved two recitals from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (gearing up the process in time for completion in October next year); a programme featuring a dozen different Tudor In Nomines; the completion of my Howells clavichord anniversary project; and two performances of The Art of Fugue on one weekend, on pairs of clavichords and harpsichords. As well as Tovey's excellent completion, we did his extraordinary Quadruple Invertible Fugue, which fills a gap that Bach left at his death.

Next, two more concerts of Preludes & Fugues from the 48, on both clavichord and organ, and a special project of mine, a recital celebrating Bach's 333rd birthday in March. This will be based entirely round the number 3: works in three flats and three sharps, pieces in three voices, canons at the third, works for three hands, and pieces written when Bach was 33, or in 1733. Quite a miscellany!