Research and Publications

Current research projects include:

  • an examination of the music of Louis Couperin from an analytic perspective
  • models for Bach's Goldberg Variations
  • the history of fugue teaching in 19th-century Britain




Clavichord Discography (Cambridge, 2009)
The Computational Analysis of Early Music (forthcoming 2019) [with Pablo Padilla and Dan Tidhar]
The Music Manuscript Collection of Edward Paston (forthcoming 2019)
Playing the Clavichord (forthcoming 2019)

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'Lutes and Lutenists in Tudor Cambridge' (forthcoming)
‘Observations on two 16th century music manuscripts belonging to Sir John Petre’ (forthcoming)
‘The Paston collection as sources of Byrd’s music’ (forthcoming)
‘Italian madrigals in the Paston collection, c.1575-1620’ (under submission)
‘The transmission of motet copies within the Paston manuscripts, c.1610’ (under submission)
‘New structures in composition: mathematical methods for all’ [with Alexander Blustin, Pablo Padilla and Dan Tidhar] (under submission)
‘A Menuet by Gottfried Grunewald and Bach’s “Goldberg” aria’ (under submission)
'Guidelines for the systematic evaluation of early music theory' (under submission)