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24/01/2021 14:29
Carrying on from the complete Fitzwilliam Virginal Book recital series, I've now performed all of the keyboard and organ music by Tallis, Byrd, Farnaby, Morley, Philips and Gibbons, as well as the smaller number of surviving works by Aston, Carlton, Hooper, Inglott, Marchant, Mundy, Peerson,...
14/11/2020 11:44
The publications list has been updated at, and now shows eight articles. The book about all this will be finished next summer.
03/11/2020 12:21
The complete 1300-page Fitzwilliam Virginal Book edition, which Jon Baxendale and I have been working on for over a year, is now published, and available via
16/10/2020 11:06
Sunday saw the last of 21 recitals of the complete keyboard works of Bach, which has taken 3 1/2 years and involved learning some 300,000 notes. This was the first ever complete series of these works on the clavichord, and the project also generated about a dozen conference papers and articles...
11/10/2020 11:49
The Clavichord Discography has just been published, and available from It lists 250 performers, 350 composers and almost a century of recordings, and represents three decades of work collecting information.
21/09/2020 13:04
The final concert of the complete Byrd keyboard works took place yesterday, using both chamber organ and spinet, and including all his music not in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book or My Lady Nevell's Book - some wonderful pieces that are hardly ever played. That completes Tallis, Byrd and Farnaby;...
24/12/2019 13:37
Sunday saw the latest in a series of 20th and 21st century music for clavichord, with a programme from the US, probably all of which were UK premieres. This will be followed by another programme of new British music in 2020, then one of German repertoire.
08/12/2019 11:27
The listing is back up online at, having been revised to allow the finish of the complete Bach and complete Byrd by the end of 2020.
21/10/2019 11:37
After more than ten years and 30 concerts, I've now performed the complete FVB, on Italian harpsichord, Flemish harpsichord, Italian virginals, Flemish virginals, spinet, ottavino, clavichord, chamber organ and church organ. Yesterday's final concert of Byrd was back at the Fitzwilliam Museum...
30/09/2019 18:49
Good news; the project is going ahead for 2019, and will result in a book, including a complete catalogue of everything written for the instrument in the past hundred years.
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