In recent years, I have organized, devised or managed a number of specialist music Festivals, conferences and other events in Cambridge, based around a composer anniversary. As well as those listed below, I have given anniversary recitals of Buxtehude (2007), Sweelinck (2012), Bull (2013) and Herbert Howells (2017).

Future events will be devoted to the complete keyboard music of Sweelinck (2021), Tomkins (2022), Kuhnau (2022), Byrd (2023), Weckmann (2024) and Gibbons (2025).

Cambridge Vaughan Williams Festival (2008)
Purcell 350th Anniversary (2009)
Monteverdi's 'Orfeo' (2009)
Malcolm Arnold 90th Anniversary (2011)
Louis Couperin 350th Anniversary (2011)
'Hill' Colleges Arts Week (2012)
Dowland 400th Anniversary (2013)
C. P. E. Bach 300th Anniversary (2014)
Duphly 300th Anniversary (2015)
Cambridge Keyboard Festival (2016)
Froberger 400th Anniversary (2016)
Telemann 250th Anniversary (2017)
NEMA Early Keyboard Instruments conference (2017)
Francois Couperin 350th Anniversary (2018)
Louis Marchand 350th Anniversary (2019)
NEMA performance practice conference (2019)
NEMA conference in memory of Christopher Hogwood (2020)
Sweelinck 400th Anniversary (2021)

Tomkins 450th Anniversary (2022)
Kuhnau 300th Anniversary (2022)

Cambridge Byrd Festival (2023)